Felipe's Lawn Care

Felipe's Lawn Care offers construction of storm shelters!

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Storm Shelter

At Felipe's Lawn Care, all of our underground garage storm shelters

and above ground safe rooms are the most innovative on the market today.

We can also help you decide which of our storm shelters will work best

for the protection of your family. We want our family to help protect yours

in the event of a severe storm.


Safe Room

We offer safe rooms up to 8ft. x 8ft. x 8ft. tall for exterior installation.

PRICE: $ 9500 and up

Underground Garage Storm Shelters

Small Garage Shelter

  • 3ft x 6ft x 4.5ft

  • Accomodates 4-6 people

  • Price: $2900


Medium Garage Shelter

  • 3ft x 7ft x 4.8ft

  • Accomodates 6-8 people

  • Price: $3500


Large Garage Shelter

  • 5ft x 7ft x 5.5ft

  • Accomodates 8-12 people

  • Price: $4500


Extra Large Shelter

  • 5ft x 6ft x 7ft

  • Accomodates 12-16 people

  • Price: $6000


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