Felipe's Lawn Care

Whether you've just put new sod down or you're experiencing a lack of rain and sweltering temperatures that are deteriorating your lawn, a sprinkler system may be just what the doctor ordered. Watering your lawn is time consuming and can also lead to expensive water bills. Let Felipe's Lawn Care installs a sprinkler system today so you no longer have to worry about spending hours in your yard standing in one spot, watering dry patches of grass!

Keep your yard healthy and luscious with a sprinkler system

  • Automatic sprinklers

  • Timers

  • Valves

  • Spray heads and nozzles

  • Rotor sprinklers

  • Impact sprinklers

  • Drip irrigation

  • Repair kits & parts

Our sprinkler system installation services include:

Felipe's Lawn Care can make your yard look like brand new!

Let us handle the yard work!


Sprinkler with water Lawn sprinkler